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Bitfinex is a large Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange created in 2012 as a response to the rush of interest in cryptocurrency trading. At first, it was the largest Bitcoin cryptocurrency trading platform – 10% of the entire market.

Bitcoin is still the most popular coin on the platform – it is with it that most half of all trading operations occur. The Bitfinex exchange is primarily focused on the domestic Asian market, but at the same time provides a full range of services for the Russian-speaking market segment.


Bitfinex swears it is trying hard to block U.S. bitcoin traders Favored by allegations that it violates the rules by allowing U.S. bitcoin traders to access their platform, the cryptocurrency giant Bitfinex has promised it is trying super hard to prevent this.

Bitfinex Accepts US Resident Trading On The Bitcoin Exchange In an official announcement published on Friday, Bitfinex confirmed The Block’s announcement that a New Yorker was able to open an account called ImaNYresident.


After ostensibly avoiding Bitfinex’s security restrictions – read: by checking the box that says they swear to swear that they are not US residents was able to freely use bitcoin exchange.

This is not a good look at Bitfinex, which has undergone a legal audit for supposedly serving American Bitcoin traders. The New York attorney general claims that Bitfinex, along with the issuer of the stable Tether coin, offered unlicensed cryptocurrency services to New Yorkers until 2019.

Advanced trading opportunities, including unique corporate offers, data visualization, access to margin trading for a wide range of digital assets – the Bitfinex team is committed to providing high-quality service and effective tools for active traders from around the world.

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