Sat, 25 Sep 21

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New virus steals passwords and logins from popular browsers

Experts have discovered a new Trojan that is able to steal logins and passwords from popular browsers and download dangerous files.

As specified on the company’s website, the virus’s peculiarity is that it is multifunctional, while most modern Trojans perform either only one function or several, but one of them is the main one.

Malicious software (called Trojan.DownLoader23.60762) is dangerous for devices running Microsoft Windows. The virus is able to download applications to the infected machine, steal logins and passwords from browsers, and also intercept data entered on the pages of various sites.

The main trend of the outgoing year among cybercrimes, which will only gain momentum, is the explosive growth in the number of banking trojans. They are focused primarily on owners of Android devices. Such activity is understandable: Android occupies almost 85 percent of the market for mobile operating systems and, due to its openness, is much worse protected than, for example, the second most popular mobile OS, iOS. Trojans get to gadgets not only from dubious sources – many of them successfully sit in official app stores.

At the end of August 2019, it became known that a ransomware virus attacked hundreds of dental clinics in the United States. Those were forced to pay a ransom for decrypting the files, but the recovery process is slow. For several days, people were in downtime due to the blocking of their computer systems.

The virus can extract and transmit hackers logins and passwords stored in browsers, as well as intercept information that the user enters on the pages of websites.

Trojans are spread by people – they are directly downloaded to computer systems by malefactors insiders, and they encourage users to download and / or run them on their systems.

Sometimes the use of trojans is only part of a planned multi-stage attack on certain computers, networks or resources.