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The hermit who created bitcoin. The text “Satoshi Nakamoto” appeared on the network

A fragment of the book appeared on the Internet, the author of which calls himself the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto is a mythical figure among traders and miners. No one knows who he is, what his name is, and whether this is one person. People claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto appear annually.


The anonymous author of the passage claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto and announces two series of books devoted to his biography and the appearance of bitcoin.

The names of the series are encrypted in the simplest cryptogram on the same site where the passage is posted. We give it for independent guessing and below in the text we tell what the name means. In the passage, the author writes that Satoshi Nakamoto is not his real name. He chose this pseudonym because it sounded like one of the most typical Japanese names – the equivalent of the English “John Smith” or the Russian “Ivan Petrov”.


A series of books, as follows from the cryptogram, is called Honne and tatamae. These are two Japanese words meaning the contrast between the intentions of a person and the external manifestation of intentions. This term is called the communication style of the Japanese.

South Korea plans to ban Bitcoin

Bitcoin could not get out of peak after the worst in five years of the week

The Russians bought up billions of dollars in bitcoin. Is it dangerous for the economy? In addition to a hint of the shortcomings of the existing financial system, this is a reference to the first blockchain block in history, to which, in addition to ordinary data, Nakamoto added this very phrase with a date.

The passage itself is a biography of either a fictional or a real person. “Nakamoto,” writes about how, at the age of 14, he joined the community of “cipher banks” who believe that complete freedom of expression was possible only with complete anonymity.

The author says that his mother was a writer (her books were published in small runs, he clarifies), and from childhood, he liked to find errors in words and sentences. This trait, the author of the passage writes, later developed into a love of ciphers and cryptography.

The author of the passage believes that someday Bitcoin will become so popular that it will be possible to cancel the standard bank commission for transactions.

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