All You Need To Know About Bitcoin!


Having easily overcome the psychological mark of $11.300, Bitcoin almost immediately jumped over the 11 thousand bar, subsequently, however, has slightly adjusted.

While analysts and financiers are wondering how long such a dizzying take-off will last, how it is backed up and whether Bitcoin will become a threat to the global economy, fraudsters keep their finger on the pulse. How are the most popular wiring schemes with buying and selling cryptocurrency arranged?


The main digital coin has certain characteristics that will affect the multiple increases in its value. The maximum emission of Bitcoin cannot be changed, therefore, cryptocurrency has a high ratio of already issued cons to newly entering the market (S2F).

According to the analysts of the German bank Bayerische Landesbank, this characteristic can lead to a multiple increases in the rate of the first cryptocurrency. Numerous fake websites of cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin exchange services are one of the proven methods of enrichment for attackers.


By changing one letter in the URL, they create fake clones of Internet resources on which you can store or exchange bitcoins, ethers and other cryptocurrencies.

The purpose of phishers is to steal registration information or force the user to perform operations with cryptocurrency, which will end up in scammers’ wallets.

Bitcoin is in demand for the most part as a monetary asset, experts say. This makes the S2F model more accurate and does not cause sudden changes in demand from market participants who could use it for other purposes. Analysts suggested that halving the main digital coin, which will take place on May 2020, could lower the cryptocurrency S2F ratio below gold levels.

“If in May 2020, the S2F Bitcoin ratio fits into this model, a price of $ 90,000 is formed. It will also mean that the halving was reflected in the current BTC price of about $ 8,000 (according to the model, it should be $ 7500),” suggested in BayernLB.

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