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Dash has released Dash Core v0.14.0.3, a new version of the wallet and P2P client for its DASH cryptocurrency in light of the recent surges in transactions on its network.

Dash Core reported this on the official blog on August 15th. According to the announcement, Dash has undergone either an external stress test or an attack on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The report said that “the update is highly recommended for all master nodes, as well as for all users, exchanges, partners, and operators of the full node.”


Subsequently, the developer discovered problems associated with the fact that mem pools are not released, a 1 MB limit for blocks, emergency situations with master nodes, master nodes that prohibit other master nodes, and a deferred list of transactions for some blocks.

 Dash Core version is reportedly designed to solve some of these problems and includes changes such as improved use of database space and various signature errors. Dash specialists, in order to prevent a possible hacker attack, introduced an updated version of the network 0.14 .0.3. This had to be done because of the vulnerability that the developers discovered.


The company’s official statement says that a week ago they found a mistake in the blockchain. It is assumed that it could arise due to stress tests conducted on the platform, or this is the work of hackers. As a result, future transaction processing could cause technical failures. And in the worst case, the network nodes could stop working altogether.

The new version allowed to solve a problematic issue and fully restore the state of the blockchain. In addition, new options have been introduced to optimize the use of database space and eliminate the likelihood of problems during transaction processing.

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