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Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur who has been trying in vain to prove to the community for several years that he is the creator of Bitcoin, intends to challenge the court decision, in which he must pay the family of his former business partner Dave Clayman more than 500,000 BTC.

Wright’s lawyers filed a request for a 30-day delay in providing all the necessary documents on September 17. As a reason, the document, among other things, indicated the need to facilitate ongoing negotiations with representatives of Dave Kleiman.

By court decision, the defendant must transfer to the Kleiman family half of the bitcoins mined with him, the total value of which, provided that Wright is who he claims to be, is $ 10 billion.

Judge Bruce Reinhart considered all of Craig Wright’s testimonies to be false, and the documents to be falsified. However, Reinhart refused to refute or confirm the fact that Wright was the creator of Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin.

Wright said he would not sell 500,000 bitcoins in open markets, however, Kleiman would have to pay a tax of 40% on the inheritance received in this way. Since we are talking about an amount of about $ 2 billion, Ira Kleiman may be forced to sell a significant part of the bitcoins received in court and this will certainly affect the price of the first cryptocurrency.

Earlier in the course of the trial, the judge decided that Wright was not trustworthy, and refused to reject or recognize him as the creator of Bitcoin.

Wright, in turn, stated that payment of the declared amount to the Claimans could result in a heavy tax burden for them, to get rid of which they would have to sell a large amount of bitcoins.

However, when deciding last week, Judge Reinhart did not understand whether the Australian scientist created Bitcoin, after which the lawyer of the latter concluded that the court decision only proves this. the judge decided that Wright’s arguments are not trustworthy, he did not begin to reject or recognize the claims of the Australian for the title of creator of bitcoin.

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